Marvin Signature Collection Double Hung Windows


The Marvin Signature Collection  Double Hung window is a classic reinvented. With its innovative keeperless hardware system, multipoint locking system, lockable vent mode and other performance and aesthetic-enhancing improvements, this window seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with Marvin’s legendary craftsmanship without sacrificing the traditional double hung look. The large variety of available sizes and the unmatched performance is what sets this double hung apart from the rest.

  • Multi-point Locking System: Revolutionary system locks directly into the jamb
  • Aluminum Inter-lock: Eliminates drafts and improves the overall structural performance
  • Vent Mode: Allows you to lock the window while it is open 4 inches.
  • Narrow Checkrail: A 1 15/16” checkrail provides a traditional look.
  • Complete Wood Interior
  • Shorter Sill Liner
  • v14 degree sill bevel


  • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
  • Bare wood interior
  • Satin Taupe keeperless lock
  • Auto Lock – sash locking system
  • Independent locking sash
  • Vent Mode
  • Tiltable sash for easy washing
  • 14 degree sill bevel
  • DP 50 performance rating on most sizes


  • Auto-locking System: The first system of its kind. The window automatically locks when the window is closed. An audible “click” tells you it is locked.
  • Independent Sash Operation: Each sash can be locked while the other is open.
  • Ease of Operation: Improved balance systems make the sash operate smoothly at all sizes
  • Easy Tilt: Sashes can tilt in for easy cleaning.



Exterior Colours


Marvin’s low maintenance, clad-wood products feature an extruded aluminum exterior with high performance 70% Kynar finish as a standard that offers superior resistance to fading and chalking and meets the toughest AAMA 2605 standard. Marvin’s palette of nineteen durable colors includes a spectrum of rich colors and two fresh, pearlescent finishes backed by a twenty year warranty.


No matter what your inspiration for a custom window or door colour, Marvin® will match it. You get any colour your heart desires, with your own personal custom colour name and a 20-year warranty.

Interior Finishes


Marvin makes it easy to complement any project or design with an array of high-quality standard wood options, including Pine, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Cherry and more. And if your project requires the one-of-a-kind look of an unusual wood species, Marvin offers many beautiful and unique species including Maple, Black Walnut and Western Red Cedar.

Wood is a product of nature and will vary in color, texture and grain. The wood options shown above are to demonstrate the approximate look of each species only. The photos are not intended to reflect a product’s interior or exterior profile.



Staining and painting can be tedious and time-consuming. Ordering finishes that meet WDMA TM14-09 standards direct from the factory is a great way to acheive beautiful, ready-to-install windows and doors without the mess, fumes and time commitment.

Before a window or door is assembled, every piece of wood is put through our proprietary multi-step, integrated conditioning and staining process. The wood is conditioned, sanded and baked to ensure a more ideal, lating and beautiful finish.



Hardware Options

Standard Hardware

The keeperless hardware system elegantly combines the traditional double hung look with intuitive operation, modern convenience and added peace of mind.


Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local Marvin Dealer to see hardware finish samples.


Marvin Window Opening Control Device

The Marvin Window Opening Control Device limits window opening to 4” or less when the sash is opened. The device may be disengaged, allowing for further operation to full opening and automatically reengages when the sash is fully closed.

Window Opening Control Device Features

Marvin Windows Hardware

Ultimate Double Hung, Ultimate Insert Double Hung, Ultimate Double Hung Magnum and Double Hung Round Top windows Offered in White (WH), Satin Taupe (TP), and Bronze (BZ), Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORBZ), Brass (BS), Antique Brass (A), Polished Chrome (PC), Satin Chrome (SC) and Satin Nickel (SN), finishes to match Marvin hardware options

Grille Options


Marvin has a variety of ways to bring out the best in your window designs:

  • Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS) – an energy-efficient way to create the look of divided lites. SDLS bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass. A spacer bar is installed between the glass, creating the essence of Authentic Divided Lites.
  • Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) – SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass.
  • Authentic Divided Lite (ADL) – Separate pieces of glass are glazed between muntin bars-the way windows have been made since the beginning. Only now, Marvin’s state-of-the-art design adds energy efficiency to traditional appeal.
  • Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs) – Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes. This low-maintenance option creates the look of divided lites.
  • GBGs Color Choices for Exterior and Interior – Color options allow for two tone grilles-between-the-glass. Choose from 13 exterior colors or 4 interior colors.
  • Removable Grilles – Solid wood Grilles on the interior offer the look of a classic divided lites, but can be easily removed for cleaning.


Marvin’s custom capabilities allow us to create almost any divided lite pattern you can dream up. Below are some of the most frequently-requested:

Marvin Windows

Glass Options

Glass and Glazing Options

Marvin offers a range of standard, performance and specialty glass options:

Performance Glass Options

Glazing options such as LoĒ²-272® and LoĒ³-366® enhance energy performance.

Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton gas, provides excellent energy performance. Tripane features two coated panes of glass with a third pane spaced between them. It’s available with LoĒ²-272 on both panes, with LoĒ-180 on both panes for high SHGC, or with LoĒ³-366 on the exterior pane and LoĒ-179 on the interior pane for low SHGC. Tempered and laminated glazing options are available to

Marvin Windows Glass Options

Specialty Glass Options

Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options, including:

Marvin Windows Glass Options


Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Replacement Double Hung Windows

* All information provided on this Marvin Window product may not be 100% accurate and can be subject to change, please contact Lakeshore Windows & Doors for current and complete accuracy of this information.

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