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See Product Specification Simplified

The 2008 standards for windows and doors greatly simplify selection of the right product for each installation. Once the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 specifications were published, Marvin voluntarily began submitting products for testing to the latest standard by an independent third party. Today, two often specified Marvin product lines are certified with the new commercial class standard, the CW rating, which provides assurance of their quality and performance.

CW rating of our commercial products

Marvin’s Clad Ultimate Casement, Ultimate Awning and Clad Ultimate Double Hung Magnum windows have earned the CW rating for most sizes, demonstrating that they meet or exceed the minimum requirements for size and design pressure. Under the new standard, design pressure is defined specifically as the ability to withstand uniform loads caused by wind. Our windows are designed for use in low to mid-rise buildings that require larger sizes and have higher loading requirements. Their CW rating confirms their superior structural performance and appropriateness for heavy use:

  • Clad Ultimate Casement: CW-PG50-C 914 x 2442 (36″ x 97″)
  • Clad Ultimate Awning: CW-PG50-AP 1219 x 1829 (48″ x 72″)
  • Clad Ultimate Double Hung Magnum: CW-PG50-H 1356 x 2642 (53″ x 104″)

Marvin windows offer easy through-the-jamb installation from inside the building. They are tested using this direct anchoring installation method for optimal performance.

Testing confirms performance

In addition to testing for design pressure as part of the CW rating, our windows underwent testing for:

  • Air leakage resistance
  • Water penetration resistance
  • Structural load testing
  • Forced entry resistance
  • Operating force
  • Deflection is limited to L/175

We are in the process of scheduling all Marvin products to be tested to the 2008 standards.

The latest performance standards are essential to sustainable building design and they ensure that Marvin products contribute to energy efficiency as well as security. Daylight transmission
via our windows creates a healthier indoor environment. And our windows improve interior acoustics while offering maximum design flexibility.

Your assurance of quality

Marvin is dedicated to creating excellence in our products and meeting or exceeding customer expectations for quality, delivery and service. Our formal continuous improvement process demands total involvement of our employees and establishes Marvin as an industry leader in quality.

Our commercial services group has representatives within each local community for easy access, product support, in-depth community knowledge and the personal touch necessary to get things done quickly and efficiently.

To confirm the performance of our products, look for the WDMA Hallmark Certification on Marvin Commercial products. This sticker identifies the quality of our products and demonstrates their compliance with industry-wide standards.

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