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Are your products Energy Star Rated?

We would not sell, or even consider selling a product that was not fully rated by Energy Star.

FACT: Lakeshore Windows and Doors itself is an Energy Star listed company, check for yourself!

What’s the difference between complete tear out and retrofit?

COMPLETE TEAR OUT refers to removing everything down to the studs starting from scratch – BENEFIT: It provides a better method of installation and maintenance of full viewing area.
DOWNFALL: More Product, More Materials, More Labour = More Money

RETROFIT refers to removal of operating sashes, inserting a window into existing window frames
– BENEFIT: Less money.
DOWNFALL: Any air filtration behind an old frame cannot be eliminated. Remember, you are putting a window inside of a window so you also lose some of your viewing area.

How long for delivery?

6-8 WEEKS – The products are normally in our shop within 3-4 weeks and on average our installation has a 6 week turn around time frame. The few weeks that the windows sit in our shop allows us to do a full inspection of the product or any custom work required to it. If we find even the smallest defect we can have replacement product sent to us while still meeting our installation schedules. If a company tells you they can do it in a much quicker time frame there is usually a reason for that… they are not busy and probably do not maintain enough consistent work. Busy companies are busy for a reason!

Do you take the old windows away?

Not only do we take them away, but all flooring is protected, drop sheets are put inside and out to catch all debris and normally the only work required by the customer is a quick vacuum and dusting.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free quotations. We prefer the word quotation because it is an exact price and there will never be hidden costs or mark-ups when you prepare to sign the contract.

Is your staff experienced?

Yes, our least experienced lead installer has 19 years experience.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do. It is located in Leamington, Ontario – 107 Erie N.

MONDAY – FRIDAY 9am – 5pm (Doors open to public)
MONDAY – FRIDAY 10am – 4pm (Office Staff Available)
SATURDAY – 9am – 4pm


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