Contemporary Doors

Contemporary Doors

What is Ultimum?

Ultimum® is the best first impression. And for those who are leaving, the best last impression. It is a long sigh of admiration. Amazing forms, stunningly sturdy and strong. Something you touch with enjoyment every day. It is your first contact with the home that makes you enormously proud.

It is made for people who are aware of their excellence. An absolute technological masterpiece for those who know no compromise. Those who dare to sparkle where others don’t. Those who dare to be all they can be.




Entrance that everyone notices

Ultimum® Multilevel is something people would never expect. It is a breakthrough from a limitative flatness into a 3-D world. It is a surprise urging the spectator to come closer and touch a stirred surface. It is a tectonic movement in designing entrance doors. It is innovation achievable only with skilled hand working and top level technology.

Ultimum® Multilevel is an outstanding and noticeable entrance for people with charisma. It is for the people who are not afraid to speak their opinion and show their own uniqueness. It is for the leaders. The right entrance for you.

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There are Entrances that take your breath way

At some entrances people just cannot find the words. You just have to stop for a while every time before entering.
Some entrances make us wish to slide a hand over them. We want to feel them not just see the tiny rifts and an exchange of material.

This isUltimum® Pure. Purity of surfaces where nothing defaces the perfect flat surface. An entrance for the most up to date houses and the most demanding admirers of perfection. The one where nothing can be added or taken away. All elements are plunged into unified flat without unnecessary brims and frames. Where everything is one.

Pure is a secret. Touch it.

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