Our fiberglass window is the greenest window around for many reasons.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

1. Fiberglass is made from silica sand a raw material that has no special shipping cost or procedures in transportation, in fact an optimum fiberglass window consists of 65 – 72% silica sand, which comes from mother earth.

2. Less energy is required to manufacture fiberglass windows, fiberglass pultrusion has the lowest embodied energy consumption which means less energy is used. Aluminum windows require 1700 °F, Vinyl Windows requires 375 ° – 425 ° and Fiberglass requires less than 200 ° – almost 80% less energy than aluminum and 39% less than vinyl windows.

According to EPA, pultruded fiberglass is truly environmentally friendly based on product longevity, embodied energy, limited use of resources and low pollution levels emitted during the manufacturing process. Besides the immediate environmentally friendly benefits of having green windows, the windows can also be 100% recycled after their life cycle has ended.